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The Top 5 Property Management Services You Should Have

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top property management servicesWhen you have effective property management services, your property will run like a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately, many property owners discover their current management isn’t giving them the results they need. What can you expect from a professional property management team? Here are the top five services you should receive when you have the right company managing your property:

#1: Tenant Vetting, Screening, and Leasing Tours

First and foremost, finding high-quality tenants is one of the most challenging aspects of property ownership. You should be able to count on your management team to provide tenant vetting, applicant screening, and property tours to help you fill your property with responsible tenants you will love to have. The team should also offer advertising and services to keep your property full at all times, so you can keep profitability high.

#2: Pristine Property Maintenance

Secondly, a beautiful, well-maintained property is a profitable property. Your property management team should handle all the coordination, including all tenant maintenance requests, quickly and efficiently. Your phone shouldn’t be ringing non-stop from tenant complaints. With reliable property management, you’ll know that your property has superior maintenance, inside and out.

#3: Regular and Thorough Property Inspections

In addition, having professional move-in and move-out property inspections will set your property up for success from start to finish. Keeping up with inspections on your own can feel like a full-time job. Even worse is paying a company to do them for you only to discover they aren’t meeting your standards. The best management team will have a system for inspections that will protect your investment and keep tenants happy.

#4: Ongoing Tenant Management

The tenant management process has many moving parts. So, a dependable property management team must handle all of those parts with expertise. From rent collection and late payment management to lease renewals and amendments and resident service inquiries, the team will pay close attention to detail and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

#5: Financial Management

And finally, do you ever feel like the financial management for your property is more complicated than it should be? When you have the right property management team, the financial side of your business will no longer be a hassle. Choose a service that offers online and mobile account access and ACH deposits to your account to streamline payments. The team should also provide monthly accounting statements, annual statements, and 1099s to protect your business at tax time.

Get the Top Property Management Services You Deserve

At Vineyard Property Management, we offer a full-service property management package covering all of these essential services and more. We are professionals who take great pride in providing superior management services for property owners. And, we are here to help you take your property to the next level in success and profitability.

So, connect with the team at Vineyard Property Management online now to get a free property management services quote for your rental property.

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How to Save Money on Costly Investment Property Repairs with Preventative Maintenance

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investment property repairsInvestment property owners often find that high-cost repairs drain their budgets and diminish profits. By investing in preventative maintenance, you can catch minor issues before they become expensive repairs, saving you money in the long run. Keep reading to learn how scheduling preventative maintenance through an expert property management team can help you cut costs and keep your property operating optimally.

How Preventative Maintenance Reduces Repair Expenses

From HVAC systems and gutters to roof inspections and exterior upkeep, your investment property has many components that require professional attention. Neglecting preventative maintenance may seem like it’s saving you money initially; however, not giving these features the attention they need will actually cost you more down the road.

Maintenance from qualified professionals will provide the following benefits for your property:

  • HVAC maintenance will ensure your air conditioner and furnace systems have regular tune-ups and small repairs that can prolong the life of your HVAC. It’s far more affordable to schedule maintenance than it is to pay for extensive system repairs or premature replacement.
  • Gutter maintenance and cleaning will ensure rainwater can flow away from your property, which prevents costly water damage.
  • Roof inspections and maintenance will keep the roof doing its job to protect the building. Roofing experts will detect small problems that can lead to leaks, mold, or even an expensive roof replacement.
  • Pressure washing the exterior of your property on a regular basis will not only protect your investment but will also increase curb appeal so you can attract the best tenants.

How to Get Hassle-Free Preventative Maintenance for Your Investment Property

At Vineyard Property Management, we can connect you with qualified, professional vendors who will perform preventative maintenance for all the critical systems on your property. We’ll not only find the top professionals in your area, but we will also schedule the preventative maintenance appointments for you, saving you time and ensuring you get the best team for the job.

Staying on top of maintenance and repairs for your investment property is time-consuming and can feel like a full-time job. Let our team of property management professionals provide the support and expertise to keep your property in optimal condition all year long. We get the job done right, so you can focus on other tasks to grow your business.

Choose Vineyard Property Management for All Your Property Maintenance Needs

From scheduling property maintenance and keeping your property clean to helping you select the right tenants, our comprehensive property management services will make your property more successful and profitable. Our award-winning team brings more than four decades of professional experience to your Alpharetta area property. Connect with us online now to get a free rental analysis or to schedule investment property repairs.

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Top 5 Advantages of Rental Property Self Showings?

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rental property self showingsThe COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to rental property owners. Perhaps the greatest one of all is figuring out how to show properties while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Rental property self showings have emerged as a practical, convenient, and necessary solution to the rental property industry.

At Vineyard Property Management, we use Rently, an innovative, on-demand self-touring technology to replace in-person showings. This protects both rental property owners and prospective tenants from Coronavirus transmission and provides tremendous peace of mind and convenience. Through this tool, we’ve been able to help our rental property clients keep their properties full. This has allowed them to keep their profits up in the face of a struggling economy.

Read on for the top five advantages of utilizing self showings for your rental property.

#1: On-Demand Showings Mean Less Wasted Time and Higher Productivity

For an in-person showing, there must be coordination between the prospective tenant, property manager, landlord, and leasing agent. A self showing enables the tenant to check out the property at a time that is convenient for them. Rather than spending hours scheduling and conducting the tours, property managers and landlords can focus on other tasks to grow their business.

#2: Rental Property Self Showings Streamline the Leasing Cycle

Rather than having to schedule an appointment weeks away to accommodate busy schedules, the prospective tenant can tour the property on weekends or during the evening after work. Automated self touring allows tenants to enter properties through keyless entry locks at their appointment time. As a result, properties spend less time on the market and less time vacant.

#3: Rental Property Owners Benefit from More Property Showings

The ease and convenience of on-demand showings mean more prospective tenants will check out the property. With the right system in place, you will likely schedule far more showings than you did when scheduling in-person tours pre-pandemic.

#4: Level-Up Security and the Screening Process

Self showing platforms like Rently take prospective tenants through several security checkpoints to provide property managers and landlords with peace of mind. This provides an additional layer to the tenant screening process, ensuring you get the right tenants into your rental properties.

#5: Make Prospective Tenants Happy

Establishing a positive rapport with prospective tenants is an important goal for any property manager or landlord. Self-showing technology provides instant gratification for prospects who want to see the property right away and are ready to move forward.

Take Advantage of Self Touring Technology for Your Rental Property

If you are interested in setting up rental property self showings, connect with the professionals at Vineyard Property Management to get started. Let us show you how easy-to-use Rently can be. We’ll handle all the details to help your rental property business increase profitability in 2021 and beyond. Contact us now; call 404.788.3657 to learn more.