breaking a lease in marietta
A lease agreement is a contractual agreement that spans a specific period of time. During this time, often a year, both parties have a responsibility to abide by the terms of the agreement. But what are you to do if your Georgia tenant breaks their lease early? The action you should take depends on the tenant’s reasons for breaking the lease. If the tenant has a legally justified reason, you cannot penalize them for breaking
Georgia eviction laws
Georgia law allows a landlord to evict a tenant for certain reasons, such as nonpayment of rent and lease violations. It goes without saying that you must follow the proper steps for the eviction to be successful. Below is an overview of the Georgia eviction process. What’s the Eviction Process in Georgia? Here’s a Guide Georgia landlord-tenant law outlines the process that landlords must follow when evicting their tenants. The following is a basic overview
Vineyard Property Management
Many Georgia landlords typically ask for a security deposit. This deposit serves to shield you from the financial damage that can arise from certain negligent tenant actions. Examples of such actions include: Failure to pay rent. Excessive property damage. Abandoning the unit. Unpaid pet fees. Leaving the property unclean at move-out. Unpaid utilities and repair, or cleaning services contracted by the tenant. That being said, there are landlord-tenant laws you must abide by when charging
marietta landlord tenant law
In Georgia, the landlord-tenant relationship is established either orally, in written rental agreements, or when it’s simply implied. After the establishment of the relationship, both parties – the landlord and tenant – obtain certain rights and responsibilities. Both you and your tenant must abide by these responsibilities for the entire duration of the rental agreement. In this blog, we’ll provide you with a basic overview of the key elements under the Georgia landlord-tenant law. Required
benefits of tenant screening services
As a property owner, one of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of your job is finding the right tenants for your property. You’ve likely experienced firsthand how problematic tenants can lead to endless hassles, including property damage and nonpayment. Taking advantage of professional tenant screening services will save you time while helping you achieve a profitable property. Take a closer look at the benefits of screening services and what to expect when you hire