Owner FAQs

Vineyard Property Management is a full service, professional management company, not a real estate brokerage, with a coverage area extending across the metro Atlanta area. We manage properties for individual owners and real estate investors.

Our approach is simple. We provide professional, trustworthy Atlanta Property Management services, from leasing and accounting, to maintenance and inspections. Whether you are an investor with several properties or an unintentional landlord, we have your solution.

How long has your company been in business?

Vineyard Property Management was founded in 2015. We offer over 20 years of professional property management experience, specific to the Atlanta rental market.

How do you arrive at the rental rate?

To accurately determine a rental rate, we conduct a rental property analysis and compare with current market trends. We use real-time comparative market data and take into consideration a property’s condition, amenities and general appeal.

How fast can you rent my property?

Although other considerations are present, there are five primary factors that determine how quickly we can lease your property:

  1. Availability – The basic rules of supply and demand will impact a property’s time on the market. Periodically, the rental market in Atlanta offers fewer options for prospective renters when inventory is low. Times like this tend to accelerate leasing activity and drive rents higher.
  2. Physical Appearance – It’s simple; the more presentable a property is, the sooner it will lease. A clean rental (interior and exterior) in good repair will always be more attractive to a prospective tenant.
  3. Price – An accurate and fairly priced rental property will be positioned best among it’s competition and has a much greater chance to lease quicker than comparable properties which are not appropriately priced.
  4. Location – Properties located in areas with reputable school districts, easy access to shopping and dining, and reasonable commute options tend to stimulate the most interest.
  5. Season – The Atlanta rental market typically generates the highest leasing volume between late March to early October, although this cycle can vary slightly depending on local economic factors.

How do you show the property?

It’s important to note; VPM does not “outsource” property tours to area real estate agents. Our leasing professionals are on-staff and available 7 days a week. They work closely with prospective tenants in setting appointments that work best for their busy schedules. Our dedicated leasing professionals are knowledgeable, experienced and customer-focused. This approach greatly improves the leasing experience for your prospective tenants and delivers better results for you.

What do I need to do to get my property ready to lease?

We have found that the better a property shows, the faster it will lease. In ideal conditions; walls are free of dings and scratches, carpet or other flooring has been professionally cleaned, appliances are in good repair and the home is clean and free of household odors.


What type of advertising will you use to lease my property?

First, we’ll create your property listing with over 20 digital quality photographs accompanied by a detailed property description. Next, we’ll aggressively market your property by posting the ad to over 60 of the top Internet Listing Sites (ILS), utilize our customized SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns, and maximize your property’s local exposure by placing branded signage onsite within 2 business days. We also offer a Premium Listing Service, which features a video tour of the home, professional high-definition photography, plus premium ad placement on some of the hottest rental websites on the web.

Does VPM conduct a background check on prospective tenants?

YES – Our extensive background check is thorough and in accordance with Federal Fair Housing Laws. Our comprehensive applicant screening process includes: FICO credit score, credit history and public record search from Experian, RentBureau rental history, nationwide eviction search and nationwide criminal search, including sex offender database search and OFAC terrorist watch list.

Should I rent my property to tenants with pets?

That decision belongs to you. However, people in Atlanta love their pets. If you decide not to allow pets, it can affect the the number of prospective tenants we attract.

What if the tenants don’t pay the rent?

We pride ourselves on placing qualified tenants in our properties. However, from time-to-time it may become necessary to begin a progressive collection process until a past due balance is paid. Our rent collection process will maintain strict compliance with the lease agreement and will operate in accordance with Georgia Landlord Tenant Laws. Each tenant situation is unique. However, if rent is owed, we will continue with the collection process by providing the necessary legal notices required for eviction, regardless of any other factors.

How do you make sure the tenant is taking good care of my home?

There are a number of ways we have of determining if your property is receiving proper care. Above all, careful tenant selection in the beginning can protect your property from being rented to tenants who have demonstrated negative behavior in the past. Also, during the lease term, we may have occasion to enter the property for maintenance repairs or a scheduled inspection, in which case we’ll use as an opportunity to report any concerns. If we are fortunate enough to avoid maintenance repairs for an extended period, we will schedule an inspection to make sure the property is free of any lease violations or maintenance concerns.

How do you handle maintenance requests?

We are available to accept maintenance requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For routine service requests, we first speak with the tenant to determine the exact nature of the problem. (Example: Reset button on a disposal, tripped breaker) Once the request is confirmed, we’ll coordinate the repair with one of our qualified maintenance technicians. Emergency and comfort items, such as AC/heat and hot water receive a higher priority and are typically repaired within 24 to 48 hours. Your tenants will appreciate our responsiveness and ease of access when submitting maintenance requests. We offer online service requests via the Tenant Portal or by phone.

Do you hold some of my money for repairs? If so, how much?

You have an option to establish a “reserve fund” within your account for minor repairs resulting from routine maintenance requests, however a reserve fund is not required. Should you choose not to establish a reserve fund, maintenance related expenses will be deducted from the tenant’s rent payment, prior to processing your monthly payment and statement.

How much do you charge the tenant for a security deposit? And who holds the security deposit?

We typically charge a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. In some cases, an additional security deposit is deemed necessary, based on the results of the applicant screening report. If VPM provides full management services, the security deposit will remain in a designated escrow account. If we provide Tenant Placement services only, we will collect the security deposit at the time of move-in and immediately transfer those funds to you.

When will I receive payments and statements?

Owner funds and monthly statements are processed by the 10th day of each month. For efficiency, we recommend owners take advantage of our free direct deposit option. If you prefer another payment method, just let us know and we’ll accommodate your request.

Are property management fees negotiable?

It’s our goal to provide; exceptional service, valuable experience, the latest technology, and a fair and equitable fee structure. It’s not our goal to compete against lower priced property management companies by short-cutting our processes or limiting resources in a simple attempt to save money. We believe the ultimate cost of using a Property Manager is determined by the value which is created on behalf of our clients.