Kitchen Maintenance TipsThe kitchen is arguably the most used room in a home. Some even call it the “heart” of the home. Everyone seems to congregate there. Keeping it clean and fresh can be challenging. Here are five handy kitchen maintenance tips to help you keep your kitchen sparkling.

1. Clean the Sink

First of all, the kitchen sink is probably the most used item in the kitchen. Keeping it clean will make every other kitchen job easier. So, be sure to empty both the sink and the dishwasher before starting the day. When you begin to cook, fill the sink with warm soapy water and clean up as you go. The entire job goes so much faster.

Last thing in the evening, add a little dish soap to a damp sponge and give the sink a quick cleaning – including faucets – so it is sparkling for the next morning.

2. Take Control of the Trash

You may find it wasteful to take out a partially full bag every day, but it depends on what is in it. When you have food or wet items in a trash bag, it may need to go out more often. If it takes longer to fill a bag, you might just need to take it out every few days.

If you separate trash and recycling, be sure the containers are large enough to hold everything.

Finally, clean your trash cans with warm soapy water or disinfectant every few weeks. If you don’t have a hose available, wash them out in the bathtub.

3. Clean Countertops

Clutter, even pretty clutter, makes it harder to clean the countertops. Find a new home for the knick-knacks and use warm soapy water to clean up every day.

For various stone countertops, no special cleansers are required. In fact, you shouldn’t use harsh cleaners. If the stone is properly sealed, just wash with a little dish soap and water and wipe with a dry cloth to maintain the beautiful shine.

4. Sweep the Floor

All those crumbs and drips end up on the floor. Not to mention dust/dirt from outside or pet hair. Sweep the floor daily to capture all the debris.

5. Once a Week

And finally, every week, mop the floor, sanitize sponges, change the kitchen towels, and clean the inside of the microwave oven. Use a white vinegar and water mixture in a bowl. Heat in the microwave for 5 minutes and wipe down with a sponge. To sanitize the sponge, soak in white vinegar for 5 minutes.

Despite the extensive use the kitchen gets, keeping it clean and sanitary doesn’t have to be a big job. Stay on top of it by following these simple kitchen maintenance tips regularly for a kitchen you’ll be proud of. Contact our team at Vineyard Property Management today for more tips to keep your property in great shape.